Infra Red Sauna

Far-Infrared Therapy will:

  1. Open up your pores
  2. The radiant heat will penetrate your tissues up to 2 inches deep and relieve pain
  3. Improve blood circulation with replenished oxygen throughout your body
  4. Give you a passive cardiovascular exercise
  5. Push out deeply imbedded toxins from inside your body
  6. Rejuvenate your organs, tissues, cells, and bones
  7. Restore balance to your health
  8. Heighten your Immune System for future health

Find out more about the health benefits of far-infrared sauna therapy.

The Solo Sauna from Sunlighten is a lightweight, portable sauna system that makes use of the SoloCarbon® far-infrared heating system. The Solo portable sauna is clinically-tested and shown to increase core temperature. Since 2001, the Solo portable sauna has been a proven and popular personal sauna aiding in your wellness goals.

Cushioned Solo Pad
Cover every square inch of your body with far-infrared heat by adding the comfort of a Solo Pad. Use with the Solo sauna or by itself, the Solo Pad uses the same SoloCarbon far-infrared heat as our Signature Series. It can be slept on for up to 12 hours.


Exclusive SoloCarbon Heaters

Surround your entire body with industry-leading SoloCarbon far-infrared heaters. SoloCarbon is the only infrared heater to have been scientifically tested and proven to sustain far-infrared the whole time you are in the sauna. This means you will enjoy the deepest sweat assisting you on your wellness journey.

Simple Storage

The Solo System is a portable far-infrared sauna like no other. Its unique, lightweight, double-dome design makes it easy to store in a closet or in the corner of a room. You can set up and enjoy a sauna anywhere in your home – or take it on the go!

Zone-Based Digital Controls

With 9 different settings on the digital control panel, it is simple to set the right temperature for your comfort level. In fact, the upper dome, lower dome, and Solo Pad heat independently, allowing different settings to target specific areas to your liking.

Have peace of mind with a comprehensive warranty on construction, heaters and labour.

Premium Sauna Accessories
Pillow, mat and curtain included.

I am available to answer any questions you may have about the benefits of infra red saunas, and to discuss what system would work best for you. Please contact me.