I was recently speaking with people I know, and we agreed how exciting and inspiring it is that such a growing number of people are willing to take on making a difference to the health and wellbeing on our planet. You only have to walk down the aisles of the supermarket to see the growth in supplements on offer and people reading not just food labels, they’re also reading the labels on shampoos and laundry powders.

In the past, people often felt disempowered and unable to make a difference.  I used to think that I couldn’t impact the world by myself so I never tried.

Modere now offers an opportunity to make a difference – starting with yourself. Since connecting with the Modere community I’ve realised that I can turn my home into a Modere healthy home and revolutionise my health and positively impact the environment.

Combining two strong trends: online shopping and the growing concern for health, Modere is at the forefront of the amazing growth in online shopping – think airbnb and UBER. Modere is stylish, safe, smart. Watch this four minute video and join Modere and live clean to improve the world you live in.

How do I get involved?

  • Customers open an account at with this unique promo code: 455019 and start replacing products that you use everyday around your home with Modere equivalents.
  • Promoters share the love that is Modere and are rewarded for doing so. Earn 10% off your monthly customer purchases even if you don’t place an order yourself.
  • Social Marketers are paid generously for building teams that all share the mission of making a difference in the health and wellness on our planet.

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