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When people are overweight or obese, overeating is the symptom – not the cause.

The Accelerated Fat Release System offers a new paradigm for well-being and anti-ageing. The information will explode the myths around kilojoules and weight loss and give insight into the impact on your health of daily exposure to obesogens and other chemicals in your personal environment. As your body resculpts and reshapes, you will experience an increase in energy and vitality along with freedom from hunger and cravings.

The Accelerated Fat Release System is a health and healing program with the added benefit of dismissing unwanted fat stores. People have reported a wide spectrum of benefits ranging from better skin tone and improved emotional well-being to normalisation of blood pressure, hormonal balance and the lessening or complete disappearance of aches and pains.

The Accelerated Fat Release System consists of four phases:

  1. Nutrition & Detox (28 days)
  2. Fat Release (28 to 47 days)
  3. Consolidation (21 to 40 days)
  4. Lifestyle (ongoing)

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