Ionic Foot Spa Detox


The Ionic Foot Spa Detox system uses a variety of clinical and nutritional methods to help the body achieve a more balanced and healthy pH state, leaving it more disease resistant and more energized. It also enables the body to mobilize and eliminate toxins through both modern technologically advanced machines as well as nutritional supplementation.


The technology used is the unique Bodycleanse Ionator system. We use it particularly to help establish the general health or disease of the body and then treat accordingly through ionizing therapy. The system uses a Magnetic Resonance Analyser to determine the electronic frequency of the major organs in the body. This helps our clinicians to see which organs are toxic, diseased or under stress. By establishing this, we are then able to devise a program to assist the body in gaining optimum health once more.


To understand how the machine impacts the body, we need to take a step back and take a look at why our body’s are toxic in the first place….

Firstly, the human body is running at a slightly acid pH. This is due to the fact that the earth’s atmosphere has less oxygen in it than we were originally designed to live in. This is due to environmental pollutants, deforestation and poor water quality. Drilling on the Arctic Core has revealed that the earth’s atmosphere was once made up of over 58% oxygen. We are now lucky if it’s around the 20% mark. To put it into perspective, if it were to drop to 6% we would asphyxiate and die. In other words, we are running on less than half of what we were designed to function on.

The way our body’s have evolved to deal with this shortfall, is to become more anaerobic (i.e. using less oxygen) and the side effect of that is increased acidity. This increased acidity causes, amongst other things, our cell membranes to become less permeable (thicken up and get ‘crusty’). This means that our normal metabolic waste products tend to not be removed as efficiently from our organs, tissues or cells as they should be. More importantly, good nutrients, nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, etc. cannot enter the cells as efficiently.

In very basic terms, our cells have to accommodate more waste, but at the same time not having the nutrients on a cellular level to help combat this increase.  It’s any wonder we are generally feeling more fatigued, stressed and emotional than ever before!


The good news is that we can do something about it.  The machine impacts the body as follows:

Firstly, an electric current passes through a transformer to an ionator which is placed in a footbath filled with water. The client places their feet in the water and the ionator then generates a flow of ions which can penetrate or be absorbed by the body. As these ions pass into the body two things happen:

a) the various chemical toxins and crystalized waste products are broken down and mobilised

b) the body pH is raised slightly and organ electric frequency is improved

As the blood pH increases, the cell membranes become more permeable and waste products trapped inside the cells can be released into the bloodstream and excreted through normal body waste channels. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, any nutrients, herbs or supplements ingested can now penetrate the cells better and provide a better standard of health and nutrition to the body.

After using the ionizing therapy, we are then able to move to the next phase of our treatment.


The Perfect Balance Body Detox team will then sit with you and discuss a variety of simple in-home techniques that you can use to help keep your body at a less acid pH, increase your oxygen carrying capacity, assist in eliminating the toxins and wastes your body will come into contact with on a daily basis and improve your health, vitality and emotional stability.

These techniques are as simple as taking a bath, sipping a drink or taking the dog for a walk. Everyone can do them and afford them, which has always been the goal of the PBBD team, i.e. to make optimum health simple and achievable.

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