Health care professionals and doctors recognise that ASEA is the greatest scientific breakthrough in our lifetime in health science, anti-ageing and athletic performance. It’s as important as the discovery of penicillin.

We know that living in our modern society exposures us to chemicals and poor diet and this impacts our health. We know the importance of correct pH balance within our bodies, and yet many of us are unaware of the importance of correct redox levels within our cells. Redox is the balance between reduction and oxidation – that’s where the word redox comes from. You know how when you cut an apple it goes brown? That’s oxidation.

Our cells control their redox state with the aid of redox signalling molecules. These are produced by our mitochondria (the bacteria that have a symbiotic relationship within our cells) and the mitochondria are shut down when exposed to toxicity which then lessens their ability to produce redox signalling molecules. ASEA Renu 28 contains stabilised redox signalling molecules that can be applied to the skin where they are absorbed. These amazing molecules are utilised by your body, helping you to look younger, feel better, heal more quickly and recover faster. website explains more about how this works and its impact on health conditions.

If hearing about the amazing potential of redox supplementation has you excited, imagine the business potential of the company that pioneered it. Being involved with ASEA can impact more than just your wellbeing; it can impact your financial future.

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